Music for the Lighting of the Candles

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What is 'the Lighting of the candles'? The 'lighting of the candles' is a short mini-ceremony that takes place during the wedding service. It occurs twice but only takes a small amount of time, despite [...]

Charleville Park Hotel Wedding Fair

February 15th, 2019|Categories: News|Tags: , , , , |

So do you go to wedding fairs? Myself an Douglas are going to be at this Sundays wedding fair at the Charleville Park Hotel We will be performing in the Lobby between 2pm and 5pm. Come [...]

Oh Vienna!

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Happy Birthday to me.... So February is well under way. It is one of my favourite months because it's my Birth-month. In the past I have always loved celebrating on a night out with [...]

New Year, New You. Really??

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New Year Resolutions, oh that old Chestnut. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! How was your transition into 2019? In the past I have been really excited for a new year, this time I was slightly calmer. [...]

‘On Eagle’s Wings’ and the importance of the readings in your ceremony

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To some of you, choosing your ceremony music will be a walk in the park. You have been dreaming of your big day for a long time and every detail carefully thought out, even down [...]

Thank You!

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Thank you. Such a powerful 2 word sentence. The attitude of gratitude as I like to refer to it really helps me through even the most challenging of times. Yesterday was Thanksgiving in America, but [...]