When I am not driving around Munster to different Countryside Churches or Hotels to perform for weddings you can find me teaching piano to aspiring pianists. The Pandemic has transformed my teaching practice and I have been teaching online via Zoom and a wonderful practise app called Cadenza for the majority of the past year. This has opened up a world of possibilities and I believe has changed the world of music teaching in the long term.


  • Have you or your child/ren wanted to learn to play the piano?
  • Did your family have a piano teacher who stopped lessons and you want to keep the lessons going with a new teacher?
  • Do you have a reasonable internet connection?
  • Have access to a piano/keyboard?
  • Are you open to explore to world of piano playing with a curious mind?

I have a few slots left for one-to-one online piano lessons Monday – Thursday, with the possibility of Friday mornings for Adults. I start as young as 6 and you are never too old to learn!

For more information drop me a message.

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