New Year Resolutions, oh that old Chestnut.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! How was your transition into 2019?

In the past I have been really excited for a new year, this time I was slightly calmer. I like the fresh start illusion that we create with the promise of the new year; we all make the resolutions that at the time seem so manageable but by day 3 have already been tossed out the window. So this year instead of making bold statements and starting extreme life overhauls, I want to build upon the successes of 2018 and happily keep moving forward.

2018 was a super year for me. It didn’t come without it’s challenges – sure we’re human we all have the bumps in the road – but in the bigger picture it was success all round. I set off with a couple of intentions: the intention of improving my health and fitness: cue the #whole30, a PB in the #runinthedark 10km race, and overall feeling fabulous. Another intention was to be pro-active in several areas of my life including business and leisure. My air-miles increased as I set off on mini-breaks to Barcelona, Berlin and a trip home that included a lovely few days with my Dad on his Narrow boat. All a while my teaching kept trundling along steady, and my diary started filling up with wedding bookings as far as 2020! So why would I want to draw a line and start again? No thank you. 2019 for me is going to be a year where I take the lessons and successes of 2018 and build upon it. Vienna is on the horizon, and the diary continues to fill with bookings and overall the pro-active lifestyle for me really works – I recommend it!

Ah yes, but there is always something New…

With the New Year comes a New Job! Those that know me will be thinking but how on earth does she have the time for ANOTHER Job?!

20th December saw me play my last church service for Cloyne Union. It wasn’t an easy decision to make as I had been travelling down at least once a month to do 2 or 3 services since 2013! I had really become a member of the community and they were always so grateful for the part I played in their worship.

This Sunday I play my first official service for St. Luke’s in Douglas and this is on a Full-time basis. It is quite a step up from what I was doing but as I collected the keys I had butterflies in my stomach at the thought of what lies ahead. I covered a service for this church back in November and said to myself that this particular Organ is one that I would like to have an opportunity to master. It was after this service that I learnt of, and was asked to consider the position. (There is truth to the proverb ‘You are wherever your thoughts are.’) It is a challenge that I am incredibly excited and proud to be undertaking as it will be more than just turning up to play a few hymns on a Sunday. Eek, I feel like a grown up now (it’s about time ????.)

2019 is most certainly going to be a great one, and I want to thank you for your support in the past, right now and in the future. I hope that you too will have an equally great year and I hope that I may support you. Whilst we are still in the depths of Winter I leave you with the recent addition to YouTube.

Happy New Year! How can it get any better?