So the #beastfromtheeast has started to to wreck havoc across the Country – did you get your bread supplies in?! –
so what better way to spend the time then practise, catch up on tasks left on the to-do list fora bit too long and admire the snowy landscape?

Yesterday in preparation for the the week Douglas and I had a rehearsal where we did a recording of one of our favourite requests from our first wedding that we did together. For any ‘Game of Thrones’ fans I am sure that you are chuckling to yourself as you utter the words, ‘winter has come,’ I know I am guilty of it. Here is our weather appropriate recording. The main theme from ‘Game of Thrones’ has become a popular request for weddings. It works well as an entrance for a civil/humanist ceremony, or during the signing of the register. It is well suited for the drinks reception as well. I may have to record ‘The Light of Seven’ too, another drinks reception favourite. So enjoy, and if you like what you hear subscribe to our channel, like our Facebook page and share the love.’