Happy Birthday to me….

So February is well under way. It is one of my favourite months because it’s my Birth-month. In the past I have always loved celebrating on a night out with my friends and family. This year my birthday fell on a Saturday and I decided that now that I have weekends free (unless when doing a wedding) that I would make the most of it and head off on a weekend break. I am just back from a wonderful trip to Vienna and my parents came along too. What an amazing city! The architecture is magnificent, the cake is worth having to take the antihistamine for and the music is just everywhere. We managed to get in a Classical concert on the last night, which definitely finished the trip off nicely. The next time I visit I know to get to the opera house and do a spot of window shopping at the Steinway shop – uh-huh!

The featured image comes from the Bernstein exhibition at the Musikhaus. What a very informative and impressive Music museum. I especially wanted to go here because Bernstein is one of my favourite Composers of the 20th Century. I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t a bigger exhibition but the rest of the museum was brimming with music history that was fascinating.

New recording…

Before I visited Vienna I was busy getting 2019 off to a great start. January seemed to go on forever but it was great to have the time to get myself up an running in my new Organist position, start the piano students off on a new term and get back to rehearsing for future weddings. The bookings have been coming in too so overall a great start!

I plan on getting more recordings out in the near future, but this song has been on my list of must learn since I heard it first. Nashville became a favourite TV show last year and the song that I recently recorded comes from Season 5. OMG when I first heard it I have to admit to balling as it is from a very emotional storyline, those who have seen the show will know what I am talking about. I already have ‘When the Right One Comes Along’ in the song choice list, and that has featured a few times since learning it. I am hoping that ‘Santuary’ will become popular too. Here is the video, what do you think? Are there soundtracks that you love and want featured in your ceremony? Are there any other songs you would like me to record? Let me know!