Good morning folks! What a beautiful winter morning it is. I am sitting drinking a coffee looking at the view from my apartment. If you are curious as to what my view is check out my Instagram page and give me a follow. I regularly post a little behind the scenes footage along with recordings and wedding related posts. If you DM me that you followed via my Blog I may even give you a shout out or something.

So I have two recordings to share for your listening pleasure this morning. One is over on my YouTube channel and is a cover of a well known Christy Moore song ‘the Voyage’. It was recorded live on my smartphone at a recent wedding.

The other recording is taken from a recent wedding with in Muckross, Killarney, Co. Kerry. Douglas has a much more impressive recording set up than me so you can really hear the difference in quality. Perhaps you may suggest recording equipment I should purchase for the future? I especially like this recording as it is of ‘The One’, which is the very first song I posted to YouTube a few years back (The original version can be seen here.) It’s nice to see the development and shows just how timeless some pieces are. I don’t know, which recording do you prefer? Feedback is always welcome.

Feel free to subscribe to either (or both) YouTube Channels, and if there are any songs you would like to hear us record drop us a message and we will go about answering your request.

I am also contemplating doing mini Vlogs with advice and tips on choosing appropriate wedding music. Would you find this helpful? Drop me a line.