So I have been pretty quiet with my own personal recordings recently as I have been focussing on recording with Douglas Kelly, building up our recorded repertoire for our YouTube channel.

It took me many years to build up the confidence to record myself – for a professional musician you may find that utterly bizarre, but we all have our demons. I have always found it difficult to listen to myself and used many excuses to not record despite knowing that I had too. I love performing and I especially love performing for weddings as they are a beautiful, important day and I am always honoured to help add to the occasion.

So this year I am having immense fun recording with Douglas, and here I am sharing what we have recorded so far. ‘Veronica & Douglas – Humanist wedding music’ is our channel, head over and subscribe now. We have many more recordings in the pipeline. If you would like us to record any particular song please send us a message and we will add it to our list.

For further information on our duo check out our website

Here is a link to my own YouTube Channel